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When Your Plan Doesn’t Go According to Plan: A Journey to Motherhood

Everyone has their own birth story. Sometimes they have an elaborate birth plan. Occasionally everything goes according to that plan, but most times, we are forced to make last-minute, sometimes life-altering decisions that were not part of the grand plan. In my birth story, those last-minute decisions opened a Pandora’s box of feelings: self-doubt, inadequacy, […]

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Packing Away The Decade: A Mother’s Time Capsule

Happy New Year … and decade! It’s unbelievable how swiftly ten years, yes, TEN YEARS has passed. Something about closing one chapter to open another makes me utterly nostalgic. Luckily, Facebook has been there to remind me (let’s not talk about the college parties), how much my life (and stomach) has changed over these last ten years. My then-boyfriend and […]

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The Year of ME was Worth the Wait

“The most important journey you will take in your life will usually be the one of self-transformation. Often, this is the scariest because it requires the greatest changes in your life” – Shannon L. Alder I never knew how true these words would ring until 2019 became the year of ME. Not just me, but […]

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Happy New Year 2020

Resolve Your Goals and Dreams

I take a hard pass on New Year’s resolutions. Creating a wishlist of substantial changes to act upon when the calendar flips to January sets you up for disappointment. Resolutions notoriously fail, as anyone who has tried to go to the gym during the first weeks of January can attest. By mid-February, the enthusiasm has […]

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Deconstructing the Open Letter

As a perpetuating social trend, open letters flood the internet. There are open letters to pregnant moms. There are letters to new moms. There are letters to moms of toddlers, school-aged kids, and teens.  You’ll find ones to moms who send their kids off to college, and for moms who raised their kids and are […]

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