Things I Never Though I’d Do As A Foster Dad

This post is written by Kate’s husband, Daniel, on his experience becoming a foster dad. 

Growing up, I never thought I’d become a foster dad. But times change, and my wife and I wanted to start a family like anyone else. But right around the same time that my wife Katherine (whom everyone else knows as Kate) and I wanted to start a family, she met the first of our little friends at a Trunk or Treat. I was skeptical, but instantly became attached when I first met her and her brother.

But, this post isn’t about about anything sentimental. No, it’s about the unexpected. Here are some of the many activities that I had no idea foster (or biological) dads were required to do:

  • Play Princess dress-up. This must be a rite of passage as a dad to girls. Even when the dress barely fits around your neck. It’s the thought that counts.
  • The amount of poop and other bodily fluids I’d deal with, voluntarily and not.
  • Have extensive knowledge of the foster care system and terminology I never thought I’d need to know. ($1 to the first person who knows what “TPR” stands for!)
  • The massive amount of theme songs I’ve memorized from children’s shows. And the amazing alternate wordings I come up with for them.
  • I never thought I’d sit in a courtroom so often. 
  • That I’d get so attached to them, even though they’re not biologically mine.
  • The way they are becoming mini-versions of Katherine and I. From the things they say, and ways they react to situations, there’s no doubt they’re members of our family.

It’s been an amazing journey, and I can wait to see what amusing things come next.

Daniel is the spouse of Kate, one of the ladies who runs this blog. During the day, he does tech things. In his free time, he likes flying remote control things, taking pictures of things, fixing things that the children break, and spending time with his family.  Fun fact-Daniel and Katherine met in 8th grade gym class! Cute, right?

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