Surrounded by Pink: Life in a House of Women

A little over ten years ago, my second daughter was born. The ratio of girls vs boys, officially, became 3:1 (not including our female dog). Little did I know how it would change my life forever. I always wanted to have a little girl, but I had no idea just how much daughters would change my life. Here are the top ways I’ve changed since adding loads of estrogen to my life.


I’ve embraced the color pink…and purple.

Everything is pink. Pink dresses, pink stuffed animals, pink bedding, pink walls…pink everything.  I remember even wanting a pink diaper bag, to my wife’s shock and amazement. We had little girls, so why not?  I have learned to love it and just go with it. I’m the proud owner of a few dress shirts that are pink and purple, for when matching is necessary. Living in a house full of girls has taught me to adapt and accept rather than push back and fight it. Honestly, I love it. I wouldn’t have my life any other way.

It has softened my heart.

All children are special, but something about having little girls did something to my heart.  It especially softened me to all things frilly and fluffy. Bows, headbands, and little skirts made my heart melt. Hearing the word “Daddy” from my girls turns me into putty. As they have gotten older, I think they have an idea about this, but I’m still trying to keep this under wraps.  My fourteen year old is quickly learning that if she wants something, all she has to start with is “Daddy…” and whatever she wants is pretty much hers.

I don’t have to act macho all the time.

I’m not a manly mountain man.  Never have been and probably never will be. I can’t grow a full beard, I don’t hunt, and don’t have the patience to fish for a long period of time. However, my girls are a reminder that I don’t need to be something I am not. They love me just the way I am. I still love to get dirt on my hands, build stuff, make fires, and turn wrenches, but I also know I need to show my softer side. I’ve had plenty of tea parties with stuffed animal guests, sat on a tiny chair while I had make up applied, and had my nails painted plenty of times. Over the years, tea parties and Barbies have turned into teenage tears, a load of sass, and dun dun dun…BOYS!!!

I strive to be the kind of man my girls deserve.

Husband, friend, father. I try to do all of these things well. I also try to be aware of areas I don’t always shine in. My biggest challenge is patience. However, everyday I try to be my best self for my girls.  Sometimes they aren’t watching me, but most times they are. I always want to be the best example so later in life if a man is treating them poorly, they may pause and realize something is wrong with the situation. Their mother and I always try to model the best relationship possible for them. Do we always agree?  Ha, I wish! But we feel that it IS healthy for them to see us working through and resolving conflict while remaining a united team. Trust me, you do not want teenagers to have the idea you are divided!

I have supported my wife through some of the best, scariest, and most adventurous times in our lives.  I have supported her dreams and encouraged her to go after them and make them a reality. I encourage my daughters just the same. Helping them to realize their full potential and not to sell themselves short. Raising children is one of the most frustrating, wonderful, rewarding, difficult things I could have ever imagined doing but every minute of my life is filled with love and joy because of my house full of girls.  


Steve is the Maintenance and Custodial Director for Pathfinder Church in Ellisville. He lives with his wife, Sarah, two daughters, and two pups in Wildwood. Steve loves wrenching on lawn mowers and other small engines in his free time. He also loves to play poker and “going to the boat” when he gets the chance.
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