Forget about the Mess! Naptime is YOUR Time to Recharge

It probably seems obvious, and maybe someone has reminded you of this before, but moms need to prioritize their needs.  I realized, after seeing a Facebook post, that I need to rethink how and when I do things. The list of chores around the house is endless, yet making naptime your time to hit the refresh button makes all the difference.

“Don’t do anything that you can do while the kids are awake when they’re not.”

Leave the dishwasher, let the pile of crumbs sit on the table, and don’t even think about touching those toys. I am a neat freak (which seems to be wearing off as the kids get messier, and we prepare for a third baby), so I am continually wiping, vacuuming, and straightening. Of course, I don’t have time to read or workout- I never make time.

This past weekend, we gave in and had a Peloton delivered. With a third kid on the way, my days of leaving for a workout, or having me-time, are numbered. I also work from home, so naptime is precious. However, if I don’t use it wisely, I will rot in this house and get nothing done except cleaning and work. By the end of the day, I am exhausted, crabby, and lack the energy to take care of myself. It’s time to try and change my habits; otherwise, this bike will become a clothing rack, and my head might fall off my body. 

This week, I made lists of what needs to be done, and when I should do it, to give myself a nudge in the right direction when naptime approaches and I find myself floundering. Naptime is your time. Lay on the couch with your phone, close your eyes, workout, or do nothing. The chores can wait.  Your oxygen mask first. Don’t forget it.


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