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We chatted with Liz Rotz, a local STL blogger and influencer, for our next edition of Moms in the Lou!


How did you get started in the blogging/influencer world?

I’m kind of a technology nerd. So when we started a family, I knew that I wanted to document everything in a way for years to come. And doing that through technology (a blog, Instagram, taking millions of photos) just seemed natural to me. It slowly evolved into more than just close friends and family following me. People would ask me questions about our favorite things to do in STL, our favorite date night restaurants and breweries, the baby gear I was using, etc. I quickly learned you could turn all of that into a business, and it was a natural progression from there! My dad is an entrepreneur, and I grew up around that spirit. Plus, I have an accounting degree, so turning it into a business was the perfect way for me to stay at home with our boys!

Tell us about yourself and your family!

I was born and raised right outside STL – yes, I live in Illinois, no it’s not that far away. 😉 My husband and I started dating in high school, and we both attended Saint Louis University, Go Billikens! We moved to Chicago right after college for two years, and after getting engaged up there, we moved back, got married, and built a house in the metro-east to be closer to friends and family! Since then, our family has grown, and we have two boys. Jude is almost six, and Ezra is nearly four. They are both all boy and continuously on the move, which keeps us on our toes! We love to get out and do things as a family, so we are often on the go. My husband is a special education teacher, so we are very fortunate that he gets summers and school holidays off, so we can spend a lot of time together!

How and when do you find time to work as a busy mom of two?

Whenever I can! As I said, my husband is a teacher and luckily doesn’t have to travel or work crazy late hours. So we make sure to give one another time to work on our businesses. In addition to my blog, my husband owns a woodworking and laser engraving business. I help with some of the customer communication on Etsy, paperwork, and accounting, and designing for the laser. We basically never stop and love finding new opportunities for both of our businesses. 

What has been your greatest moment or memory in blogging?

Being invited to Show Me St. Louis was such an honor and is something I now love doing! Also, partnering with local brands is so much fun, and I love promoting where we live! It’s so much fun to share some of the memories with my audience that my husband and I grew up doing, like visiting Eckert’s, shopping at Schnucks, and visiting all the fun places STL has to offer! Partnering with some of the amazing businesses in our community has been such a fun experience for our family.

What would you tell a mom that’s new to St. Louis?

Welcome to STL, you’ve found the perfect family city! There is so much to do and see in such a concentrated area. And, bonus points, so much of it is free! It is a great city with Midwestern values and a lot of culture. It offers date nights, world-class family destinations, places to explore nature, and more. Most of it is within a 30-minute drive! And if you have any questions, send me a message! I love sharing my latest favorite places!

What can your followers expect to see on your blog on a daily basis?

I try to share our real life. Sure my feed sometimes has very curated photos, but I also am authentic and honest. Being a parent and running a business is not easy. We aren’t perfect at anything, and I would want you to think that! But we do have a lot of fun and are always on the go, whether it’s exploring new places during the day with the boys, are trying new restaurants and breweries on a date night! We try to live life to the fullest and take in as much as our city has to offer, which is endless
Hi, I’m Liz Rotz! I’m a family and lifestyle blogger right here in St. Louis. I love sharing all the adventures I go on with my husband, Brandon, and our two boys, Jude and Ezra. I blog over at, where you can find me sharing my favorite products, DIY projects, cocktails, recipes, and more! I’m a self-proclaimed St. Louis foodie, and I love introducing you to my favorite restaurants, breweries, and places around STL! 

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