Staying Connected: Technology Platforms for Moms & Kids in Quarantine

As we struggle to adapt to the quarantine in place across our nation, staying connected is vital to both our relationships and our sanity. Here is a list of apps that will help you and your family connect during this unprecedented time.

a boy and a girl side-by-side, staying connected on their tabletsBoard Game Arena

This site offers the chance to play board games with friends. Premium features allow video and voice chat during the game.


Designed specifically with the youngest kids in mind, Caribu allows users to read books and color pictures together right on the screen while also seeing each other on video.


The quintessential Apple video/audio platform for communication. Note, this only works with Apple products for both users. 

Google Hangout

This app is free and open to all. To start a call, click start, copy the URL and share it with other participants. The app can also be used to make free international calls – although not in every country. You can have as many as 25 people on your video meeting. 

Advantage over Zoom: It’s more playful. You can add emojis, stickers and GIFs to your chat. Plus all those international calls.


This app allows for multiple people to stay connected at once, and it also has built-in games like Heads Up, Trivia, and Quick Draw!

Marco Polo

A virtual walkie-talkie that allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones through video recordings, with visual and voice filters that don’t disappear! Marco Polo allows you to send video messages on your time. You’re able to create groups or do one-on-one messages. You can view it when you want and send messages when you’re free.

Messenger Kids

This app is like Facebook Messenger but with special features for kids and security added for adults. Kids can only chat with people their grown-ups approve. They can play games, create silly picture edits, and make groups to chat with multiple friends at once.

Netflix Party Chrome Extension

Watch Netflix with your friends! This extension makes sure your view is synced up and allows you to chat during the film.


The ultimate application for any team, stay in touch with your teammates with this text-only application (available in mobile and desktop versions) that allows you to send direct messages, attach images, and categorize chats by channel for various topics of discussion.


An oldie, but a goodie, Skype boasts the same features with an updated system that allows for better connections, clearer video. The chat function remains. 


This application connects to any telephone number in any part of the world. You can send texts, photos, videos, and voice memos, and includes audio and video chat capability. 


The grown-up walkie talkie you’ve always wanted! You can listen and send messages in real-time (or wait to listen later!) You can send photos and video, and it works on any mobile device. 

Young boy in a red and white shirt pointing to a computer screen on which his grandparents are featuredZoom

The ultimate web-conferencing tool that allows you to stay connected with large groups of people, with phone, computer, audio, and video capabilities. You can pass the presenting/host privileges to anyone, share screens, use the chat feature, and record your session.


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