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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Hoodie

As I neared the half-way point of my third-and-final pregnancy (you know, when it’s no longer optional to wear your non-maternity clothes), my friend Lauren asked me if I wanted to borrow her maternity hoodie. Since this wasn’t my first rodeo in the maternity department, and I already had two previous “seasons” of maternity wear, […]

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Accepting the Reality of the CMV Virus

Being a foster mom, I always get asked, “Don’t you want any children of your own?” I know people aren’t being mean when they ask, but they just don’t realize asking that question puts me in an awkward position to explain something I shouldn’t have to explain. I am one of those women who have […]

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Laying Bricks of Hope

When my son died in July 2016, a close friend asked me, “Do you know anyone who has lost a child?” The answer was one.  I knew one person.  Soon after, I received a card in the mail.  It was from her.  She and a group of friends had gone in together and bought a […]

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Top 10: Go-To Gifts for New Mamas!

YAY! Your bestie had a new baby. Oh no…WHAT TO GET A NEW MOM?! They have already had 2-3 baby showers, everything is gone from the registry , you want to meet this new baby, but you are stumped on a gift. Have no fear! I’ve rounded up a Top 10 list based on recommendations, […]

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6 Ways I Managed Pregnancy Sickness

There’s nothing like the excitement of seeing that positive line appear on a pregnancy test. Congratulations! Visions of nursery decor start to dance in your head and the undesirable side effects of the first trimester might be the last thing on your mind. I realize women experience varying degrees of pregnancy sickness. Please take my […]

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I Am One in Four

I’ve been working in health care since I was nineteen years old. I’ve seen a lot of things. But sometimes seeing things cannot prepare you for the experience of those same things in your own life. Coming up at the end of this month is the one year anniversary of the ultrasound that put my […]

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