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What the French Get Right: Wine, Baguettes and Perineum Rehabilitation

Perineum rehabilitation after childbirth is a standard practice in France, yet many Americans have never heard of it. The benefits of it are truly far-reaching!       I will be eternally indebted to France for perfectly-baked croissants, a bottle of Bordeaux … and a rehabilitated perineum. Say what??  Let me start at the beginning. […]

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The Things No One Told Me Postpartum : A Journey to Motherhood

I’d always envisioned my life with children, but my extremely low pain threshold meant I was truly terrified of the birth experience. While pregnant with my daughter, I attended childbirth classes, extensively researched delivery techniques, and even maintained a birth-friendly exercise regimen (lots of squats). With the help of my good friend, the epidural, combined […]

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