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When Kids Miss the Other Parent

Kids expect their parents to explain a lot. And they expect us to have an answer every time they ask the question why. Give me a scraped knee or a bruised elbow, and I can work some first-aid-mama-magic. But abstract ideas and emotions are trickier, so when my kids are struggling with friends or failure […]

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To Work, Or Not To Work

…that is the question that every new mom or mom-to-be asks herself, her partner, her girlfriends, and even the internet (is there anything we haven’t googled?). And SPOILER ALERT: there is no one “right” answer for everyone. So, why bother trying to write about the struggle? Because hearing from other mamas who have wrestled with […]

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Little Girl with Sad Eyes

Why My Kids Crossed the Border

As one of the few Spanish-speaking foster homes in St. Louis, we have had the privilege to parent seven native Spanish-speaking children in our two years as foster parents.  All of these children have crossed the Mexico-US border at least once in their lives; all under different circumstances, but all in search of a stable, […]

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Common Barriers to Breastfeeding

It isn’t any secret how important breastfeeding is to the health and well being of children in our country. The more research that is done on breast milk, the more convincing it is that this stuff is liquid gold. Even a few drops daily supply the highest quality nutrition and an immune boost that is […]

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Letting Go and Latching On

For someone who never planned to have kids, it’s pretty surprising to think that I’ve been breastfeeding my baby for almost 6 months now. It’s not that I didn’t like children, in fact that wasn’t it at all. I liked kids so much that for 3 years in college I worked as a summer camp [...]
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On The Breastfeeding Journey

For months, I was ashamed of the fact that my body simply could not produce milk for my daughter. I went to La Leche League meetings. I visited the brand new breastfeeding center in my town (back in South Carolina). I set my alarm for every 2.5-3 hours for pumping. I drank water.I tried teas. […]

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Have Milk, Will Travel

Part of the reality of being a working mom committed to providing breast milk for her baby long after maternity leave ends is making the transition into a pumping mom. This is my reality. Luckily, the company I work for provides fantastic new mom’s rooms that include a sink, refrigerator, secure pump storage, and a decent […]

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