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A child and a teacher in a preschool classroom, sitting at a table as they play with blocks

How to Encourage Creativity and Emotional Intelligence in Young Children

This post is sponsored by our partner Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool.   Creativity comes naturally to most children. It is easy for adults to view a child’s creativity as simple play, but the benefits go much deeper. From increased critical thinking ability to emotional benefits, creativity is something that should be encouraged among young […]

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a mom checking items off of her to-do list to lighten her mental load

Managing the Mental Load of Motherhood

Motherhood comes with some serious mental baggage. Learn how to balance the mental load and keep your sanity! Scheduling doctor and dentist appointments. Meal planning. Picking up a gift for a classmate’s birthday party. RSVPing to said party. Vacation planning. Making sure that the favorite outfit is clean (you know, the one that causes a […]

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