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Grieving Lost Time While Making New Memories: A Journey to Motherhood

Creating memories with your kids becomes even more important when your kids don’t have memories of their own.   As a single mom to my two foster sons, I got catapulted into motherhood. Going through the months of training to get licensed to become a foster parent, I felt as though I had prepared myself […]

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Finding Contentment in the Confinement of COVID-19

Confinement isn’t always limiting. Sometimes, it is within the limitations that possibilities emerge. As we all wade through these uncharted waters of life, feelings of frustration, loneliness, and sadness are likely to creep in. We are all drifting solo on this big sea of uncertainty. I keep hearing the phrase, “I can’t wait until … I’ll be […]

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We Are In this Together | A Quarantined Mom’s Testimony

During this unprecedented pandemic, creating structure at times, while forgiving a lack of structure at other times, will help us strike a balance and keep our sanity intact. Pandemic, virus, social distancing, quarantine, flatten the curve. Not the 2020 that any of us expected, right? I am scared and still learning how to adjust to this […]

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