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October Fun in the Lou

October is my favorite month in Saint Louis.  I love the colorful autumn leaves and pumpkins everywhere.  I love taking my kids to festivals, pumpkin farms, and apple picking.  I look forward to a chill in the air and the smell of outdoor fire pits.  This October is the first year I have three (fairly) […]

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Kid Birthday Parties: What Works

Before we had children, my husband and I used to regularly throw parties for our friends. After we had children, birthday celebrations for our kids have taken the place of the parties we used to throw.  With three children whose birthdays are three different times of the year, it seems we are always planning someone’s […]

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Unexpected and Inexpensive Birthday Gifts

The older your kids get and the more families you meet, the more birthday parties you’ll find yourself balancing. If you’re lucky, the invite will say “No Gifts Please”, but even then, I find myself showing up empty handed when everyone else brought something anyway! The unending parties can get expensive. It’s unnecessary, especially for […]

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Creating Fond Memories with Family Traditions

Family traditions reveal what we value enough to repeat, and – if done with love- build warm, happy associations. -Daniel Willingham Traditions were a staple in my large family growing up. With a family of eight there was not a great deal of extravagance or even vacations, but the traditions were plentiful and continue to […]

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