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A child and a teacher in a preschool classroom, sitting at a table as they play with blocks

How to Encourage Creativity and Emotional Intelligence in Young Children

This post is sponsored by our partner Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool.   Creativity comes naturally to most children. It is easy for adults to view a child’s creativity as simple play, but the benefits go much deeper. From increased critical thinking ability to emotional benefits, creativity is something that should be encouraged among young […]

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STLMB Perspectives: Why We Opted Out of Preschool

Preschool is a decision that can confound us as parents. Do you send your child to preschool or keep them home? Which preschool is right for your child? How many years of preschool should they have before kindergarten?  Reading Up on Motherhood During pregnancy, I read everything I could to prepare for the life change […]

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pink background with candy hearts, and the words, "Room Mom's Valentine Party Guide"

A Room Mom’s Quick Guide to Valentine Party Games

I spent several years as “Head Room Mom” during our daughter’s elementary school years. Signing up every year felt like such a great idea until it was time to actually plan the party. After the first insanely elaborate (and expensive) party, I realized the easier the game was, the more participation I received. It also […]

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Journey to Healing: Living with an Autoimmune Disease

I woke up to a spinning room. Not like a Tom’s Twister round-and-round spinning, but more like a barrel-rolling-downhill spinning. “Crap!” I thought. I had a full day – work, kids, appointments, and meetings. I can’t operate as a mom, wife, or co-worker when the room is doing somersaults! But yet, I have to deal […]

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