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Tot School – Shopping List 101

Once upon a time, I thought I would be so structured with my toddler that we would have tot school in our basement every morning. Haha, yeah, that didn’t happen. What did happen, was something that worked even better for my girl and me (the mom who loves the school supply aisles). We would have [...]
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Beat The Heat With Fun Popsicles!

One way to cool off this summer is to make some fun and tasty popsicles. I know my 16 month old loves a cold, tasty popsicle. She loves all the different flavors, shapes, and with her teething, makes her gums feel fantastic. Plus after playing outside in this heat, who doesn't enjoy something cool to [...]
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Backyard Summer

It’s July. Primetime for family vacations. I am loving seeing vacation photos of friends and their families hitting the beaches on the gulf shore, heading to the lake, and even trips to Disney World. My husband and I intended to of plan a family trip somewhere, but we just couldn’t get organized. Work schedules paired [...]
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Get yourself a Lady Cave

I feel like our family is finally in a rhythm with two kids. As I’ve been “tidying-up” by cleaning out drawers, folding clothes into lovely squares and thanking items that are no longer needed, I am now thinking about the function of our home and its purpose for us all. Although we’re in a rhythm, […]

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Five Fall-Fun Sensory Experiences

Despite the 90 degree weather hanging around, we are ready for fall at my house!  So to get in the spirit of our favorite season, we invited some friends over and had a fall themed sensory morning.  Sensory bins are always a hit at my house, (probably because I don't do them very often!) and [...]
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Birthday Parties on a Budget

As a parent to three young children, I’ve planned and thrown my share of birthday parties (11 and counting!) I fall squarely into the camp of “it’s ridiculous to spend $300+ on a kids’ birthday party,” so most of our parties have been on the cheap. I see you, mamas, who want to make the […]

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