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Beauty Tips I Learned From My Teen

In the age of YouTube videos, tutorials, and influencers, my 15-year-old seems to have much more knowledge in the beauty department than I do! I sat down with her this morning to give me some of her best tips.   I started with a blank palette, aka me in all my “no make-up glory.” Then […]

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Living History: Sharing Family Quarantine Journal Ideas

History is in the making as we navigate the effects of COVID-19, and making a family quarantine journal will help preserve the realities of it for generations to come.   When I was a junior in high school, 9/11 happened. I remember walking into my first class of the day – government, ironically. Our teacher […]

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A Room Mom’s Quick Guide to Valentine Party Games

I spent several years as “Head Room Mom” during our daughter’s elementary school years. Signing up every year felt like such a great idea until it was time to actually plan the party. After the first insanely elaborate (and expensive) party, I realized the easier the game was, the more participation I received. It also […]

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Grieving a Friendship

Grief sucks, and 2019 was filled with a LOT of it for me. Within eight weeks, I lost two grandmas, one great-aunt, and my beloved fur-baby, Stanley. It was frickin’ rough. Saying goodbye to these people (yes, my dog was like a human baby to me 🤷🏼‍♀️) was difficult. I couldn’t figure out how and […]

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Seven Easy Family-Friendly Recipes

After a long day of work, transporting kids, helping with homework and preparing for the next day, cooking dinner is the last thing on my mind. Our household often falls victim to those wonderful drive-thru lanes that hand us dinner in record time. Piping hot (most of the time), easy to eat on the go, […]

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