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Please Don’t Judge Me When I Look Good

 I grew up in a family mostly made up of women. There were all kinds and conditions of women: married, widowed, divorced and forever single; pianists, ballerinas, full-time moms. Biological mothers, adoptive mothers, childless women. My female reference is extremely comprehensive, but in one thing all of them were/are equal: in self-care, in caring for […]

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American Halloween By A European Mom

I do not like horror movies. I always ran away from jokes related to spiritualism and all mediumistic activities. I hate seeing blood, and I only dare to go to cemeteries during the daytime. Let’s say these subjects don’t scare me, but they don’t captivate me either (yeah, right…). In Europe, particularly in Portugal (where […]

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Embracing Gray. Embracing Myself.

Let me introduce myself.  I’m “the girl with the gray hair”. That’s it. That is how usually people refer to me. I’m 41 years old and have been living with gray hair for the last 30.  And yes, I’m the one who never dyed her hair. Nowadays, going gray is fashionable. It is the statement that […]

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Baby Food Made Easy

   From scratch, healthy and cost efficient. To cook, or not to cook. Store-bought or not store-bought. This is just another question added to the never ending dilemmas of motherhood. Recent moms are tired, sleep deprived and constantly being judged, let´s not add more expressions to the equation. It is true that store bought baby […]

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