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Going Green: Home Edition

With the pandemic shining a spotlight on hygiene and cleanliness, now is the time to rid your home of harmful chemicals as you try Going Green with your home cleaning routine! With COVID-19 still in our sights, cleaning items have been clearing the shelves. But do you know what is hiding in conventional cleaning products? […]

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Journey to Healing: Living with an Autoimmune Disease

I woke up to a spinning room. Not like a Tom’s Twister round-and-round spinning, but more like a barrel-rolling-downhill spinning. “Crap!” I thought. I had a full day – work, kids, appointments, and meetings. I can’t operate as a mom, wife, or co-worker when the room is doing somersaults! But yet, I have to deal […]

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50 Years of Marriage Wisdom

My parents (Ken and Sue) recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. FIFTY. YEARS.  I adore my parents. I’ve always admired their marriage and what they mean to each other. They made (and make) marriage look so easy; so effortless. As I grew older, got married, started a family – I saw that marriage is NOT […]

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Mommas: Speak Up & Ask!

On a rare adult night out while our husbands were yukking it up over drinks, I was able to catch up with a girlfriend. We don’t get to see each other a lot (hi, kids and work and sports and life) but when we do – I so enjoy our time together. We updated each […]

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