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Hey, Mommas, Thank You (All of You)

Last Wednesday I started a new workout routine that involves taking my twins to the gym daycare each day. It has been a difficult experience for all of us because transition and change are hard even when they’re good, and these two have been home with me since they were born. Needless to say, they […]

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3 Practical Ways to Help a NICU Momma

When my water broke six weeks early, I think my brain decided to check out for the rest of the day. As a trauma momma I’m well aware of dissociation, but I didn’t anticipate checking out while in labor. My friends and family kept telling me how calm I was, how cool and collected I [...]
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Because Now I Have Kids

I never wanted Botox, I didn’t understand why some women’s bellies were so soft where their jeans hit, And going to bed before 10 felt sacrilegious.   My weight never got the better of me (for long), My husband played plenty of video games, And we always found time for a weekly date night and [...]
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