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The Bedtime Routine: This Mama Doesn’t Play

There is nothing more important to me than sleep. I’m not joking when I tell people: “If you mess with my sleep, I mess with you.”  So, those around me are advised to respect my need for sleep, whenever the mood strikes. This includes my 2-year-old.  Of course, a new baby doesn’t respect anyone’s sleep, […]

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5 Places to Take Your Toddler When Cold Months Strike

Despite summer temperatures lingering, it’s inevitable that our days of playing outside with chalk and bubbles will wind down and we’ll need to adjust our time at local parks to indoor options as a way to burn off endless amounts of toddler energy. Fall still gives us ample opportunity to play outside, but soon enough, […]

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When I Grow Up

What did you want to be when you “grew up?” I recall two solid career paths I wanted to follow at different points in my childhood and adolescence – Teaching Broadcast journalism I grew up, went to college and became, well, not a teacher and not a journalist. To give myself some credit, I went [...]
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Backyard Summer

It’s July. Primetime for family vacations. I am loving seeing vacation photos of friends and their families hitting the beaches on the gulf shore, heading to the lake, and even trips to Disney World. My husband and I intended to of plan a family trip somewhere, but we just couldn’t get organized. Work schedules paired [...]
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An Introvert In The Summer

You guys. We did it. We made it through another St. Louis winter and we are now being rewarded with long days of sunshine and warmth (and, yes, some rain, flooding, and a funnel cloud or two spinning through the area). Of course, at some point, we’ll get past Spring and we’ll experience St. Louis [...]
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Pets: Our Babies Before Babies

Fun fact: I have a fear of dogs.  Unexpected twist: I also live with a dog.  I don’t know how, when, or where my fear originated. I do know when I was somewhere around 5 years old there was a dog in the neighborhood named Zeke. Every day, Zeke would find me the second I […]

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