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My Christmas Break Resolution

Twinkling lights, peppermint candy, hot cocoa, caroling. . . does life get any better than all of that? You can feel the joy as the most wonderful time of the year is upon us, with all of its sparkle and mistletoe magic.  But then comes Christmas Break. For many parents, this break is anything but […]

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The Bedtime Routine: This Mama’s Free For All

When my kids were little and I read all of the books that told me Very Important Things about Getting Children to Sleep, I tried to implement the recommended “Bath-Brush Teeth-Books-Bed”  routine. After all, it worked for all the other mamas. It didn’t last long for us.  Maybe it’s because we went through a lot […]

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Dyeing To Be Bold: Why I Let My Kids Color Their Hair

Did you know that people are still doing that mom-shaming thing? Just the other day my dear, sweet, friend Jessica Simpson was blasted on Instagram for one of her mom choices. No, it wasn’t because she shared a post about her breastfeeding success, or because of the swimsuit she let her daughter wear, or even […]

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