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Outside-the-Box Winter Blues Busters

The holiday season is over and the unseasonable warm weather is gone. The dreaded cold and dreary days are settling in along with my post holiday doldrums and yet my three and five year old are continuing to look to me for entertainment. The truth is I’m tired and cold and would rather hang out […]

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Rethink the Happy Hour

Family dinners at a restaurant can often be a dreaded activity for parents. After our {very busy} son was born we felt the pull to continue to take the opportunity to dine out. We enjoy the chance to be served as we can sit and talk and enjoy food and drink. Although we still wanted to continue dining […]

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Creating Fond Memories with Family Traditions

Family traditions reveal what we value enough to repeat, and – if done with love- build warm, happy associations. -Daniel Willingham Traditions were a staple in my large family growing up. With a family of eight there was not a great deal of extravagance or even vacations, but the traditions were plentiful and continue to […]

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Take the Trip

Traveling with little ones is not for the faint at heart. Someone once told me to always think of it as a trip rather than a vacation and I now hold those words true to my heart as I pack all the things and work through all the logistics. Although traveling with kids is not [...]
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You’ve Got This Mama, It’s Just a Stage

It’s just a stage they told me as my sweet newborn baby cried every time I tried to put him down. I’d rock him to sleep, walk in slow motion across his room, then lay him in bed before escaping like a ninja out the door. I’d return to my bed and just about the […]

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