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Find Your Thing

When people used to ask me what my hobbies were…I would say, “well, I am married and have the cutest kids ever…and that takes up so much of my time!” After answering that, I used to overthink if someone judged me for not really having my own “thing” (or hobbies if you will). Don’t get […]

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Yesterday, I Was A Bad Mom.

I will keep this article short and sweet. Yesterday, I was a bad mom (and not like the funny ones in the movie “Bad Moms”). This past week was hard. Traveling, solo parenting (while spouse was traveling), after school activities, weddings, rehearsals, and life. It was busy, timing was tough because things were nonstop. Did […]

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Boo: You’ve Been Ghosted

Hello fellow mom. Are you busy? Me too. Do things come up out of nowhere for you? Me too. Do you make commitments that you wish you wouldn’t have? ME TOO. Life is insane most of the time! Ghosting. New title, same old tricks. Since when did it become okay to “flake out” on things? […]

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Mini Valentine’s Day Guide

Tis the season for everyone’s favorite “Hallmark Holiday”! The month of hearts, love, and lots of sweets. In an effort to keep you festive (and busy) in February, I’ve put together a “Mini Valentine’s Day Guide” of small and large events in the St. Louis area.      Adult/Child Valentine’s Cookie Decorating Class Saturday, February […]

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