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Pinky the Bear

The Life (and Near-Death) of a Lovey

Do you remember the character Bing Bong from the Pixar Film “Inside Out”? Bing Bong was the imaginary friend of the main character, Riley. Throughout the movie, we are exposed to Riley’s inner thoughts and how she works through the gamut of emotions; and oftentimes Bing Bong, a colorful and delightful cat-elephant-dolphin hybrid, is right […]

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September Start-Over :: New Habits for a Healthy Home

For most moms of school-aged kids, September is like January with a sense of renewal, resolutions and resetting the rhythm.  After a lazy summer break from routine and set schedules, moms are almost begging for routine to come back to their days and start looking for new ways to implement structure and organization. Here in […]

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Falling in Love with The Lou

I was sitting on a bench with my kids in the middle of the Children’s Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden the moment I fell in love with St. Louis. My husband and I were in the middle of transitioning our family from Scottsdale, Arizona to St. Louis. While I didn’t grow up in the […]

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