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The Magic of Christmas

For the last decade, my husband and I have had the joy of conveying the wonder and magic of Christmas to our four children. You may notice a bit of a shift from your typical Santa, Elves and reindeer magic, but we have found an approach that for us holds just as much sparkle.  Interested?  […]

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Healthier Chocolate Syrup

What is winter without hot chocolate?  My kids absolutely love it, but we haven’t had it in a really long time because we’ve been cleaning up our diet and the stuff that comes in those pouches and mixes doesn’t jive with our new dietary choices.  As I’ve been learning about sweeteners, we’ve kicked the bad […]

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City Mops

An interview about St. Louis City MOPS

This month for my blog post I was able to meet up with my friend CJ to learn about St. Louis City MOPS.  I’m so excited to pass this interview on to our St. Louis Moms Blog readers! Graham: Hey CJ, I’m excited to talk you about STL City MOPS today!! Tell me about it. What […]

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Traffic Light Breakfast

Traffic Light Breakfast

We are always looking to improve our eating habits over here and we recently came across a resource from Dr. Sears that made it click for my kids so I thought I would pass it along.  It’s called “Traffic Light Eating” and it’s a fun way to help your kids think about their foods and […]

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an actual Florida beach trip

Go To The Beach Without Leaving St. Louis

  I remember it like it was last week. My husband and I were relaxing with our feet in the sand watching our kids dig and build sand castles. The balmy breeze was blowing and we were sipping cool drinks. Summer vacation was here.  But it’s not what you think.    It WAS last week […]

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My mom and I, Easter 2019

Surviving the Fire, My Mom and Notre Dame

When the Notre Dame Cathedral began to burn a few weeks ago, I was transported back in time thirty years ago to the summer after sixth grade. My grandparents took me on the trip of a lifetime through Europe. On our stop in Paris, I remember taking the guided tour through Notre Dame. I learned […]

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