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The Year of ME was Worth the Wait

“The most important journey you will take in your life will usually be the one of self-transformation. Often, this is the scariest because it requires the greatest changes in your life” – Shannon L. Alder I never knew how true these words would ring until 2019 became the year of ME. Not just me, but […]

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Bringing Home (fur) Baby #3

At the age of 36, I became a dog person. I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just happened. I was strictly a cat person my entire life. I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t at least one furry feline in my household. Cats are just so self sufficient and small and loveable. […]

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Three Staples In Our Weekly Dinner Rotation

“What’s for dinner Mom?” are usually the first words I hear from my children when I walk in the door after a long day at work. My standard answers are “food” and “I don’t know yet.” What I really want to say: “I really have to feed you goblins every night? Can’t we just have […]

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The Not-So-Itsy-Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini

For the first time in my entire adult life, and quite possibly my life in general, I did something I never thought I would have the courage to do. I bought a two-piece swimsuit. I’m not talking tankini with a skirt. I’m talking, shows a little of your middle skin, two-piece swimsuit. For some this […]

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7 Things You Should Stop Saying to Moms NOW

We all can agree that being a parent is not an easy job. Caring for another human being for a minimum of 18 years and hoping they turn out to be halfway decent citizens sometimes seems like a daunting task. There is no manual that comes with your baby when you leave the hospital. If [...]
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Mom, I See You

Growing up we were a stereotypical middle class family. Two parents, brick house in the middle of the city of St. Louis and Catholic schools galore. My mom worked a full time 40+ hour a week job for most of my childhood. My dad sometimes worked two jobs but shortly before I became a teenager [...]
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