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Celebrating Shy Kids

We have all heard that “kids say the darnedest things,” and often they do, sometimes to embarrassing ends but mostly to the amusement of surrounding adults. That is certainly the case with my toddler, or I should say, that is the case with my toddler within the confines of our home and with the very [...]
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Mama, to me, you are perfect.

Maybe because it’s “bikini season” or maybe because I am recently postpartum with my second child, but whatever the reason, I feel strongly convicted to remind you of a powerful truth: mama, you are ridiculously beautiful exactly as you are today. If you don’t believe me, notice the way your young children’s eyes light up […]

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Summertime Slow-Down

Remember childhood, when summer months stretched out before you for what seemed like 100 years? Fast forward to today, and my 8-year-old self would not even recognize my hurried pace and anxious eye on the clock as hours, days, and even years speed by. I long for summer to live up to its reputation as [...]
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Party Planning with Abra-Kid-Abra

I have not yet reached the stage of motherhood at which my daughter is requesting Elsa appear at her birthday party, so my experience with “characters” at events is somewhat limited. Tasked with finding kid-friendly entertainment for my firm’s Halloween party, I was at a loss. I was given loose direction to find a crowd-pleasing [...]
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