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“Will You Adopt Me?”

When we started fostering, hubby and I were very clear that we were doing it with each kiddo's best interest at heart.  We didn't get into fostering because we were infertile or dreamed of adopting a sweet newborn with our Pinterest-perfect chalkboard sign.  We wanted to give back, contribute to our society, and stand up [...]
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The Realities of Being A Mandated Reporter

Knowing that you might be putting a child at risk of entering into “The System” is a scary thing.  The impact that has on the family, the child, the siblings – and being unsure it will end up for the best. On a superficial level, this is an easy call to make.  I am a [...]
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In Preparation of Saying Goodbye To Our Foster Son

The countdown is on.  Twenty-seven days until he moves out.  I have been happily swimming in denial until now.  We've known this day would come.  Sweet Alex has been with us 2.5 years, much longer than any child should spend in foster care.  He's been calling us 'mom' and 'dad' for 2.5 years.  And now [...]
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Our Teenage Learning Curve

As foster parents, we’re often thrown into parenting situations we have NO IDEA how to navigate, but somehow manage to crawl our way out of. Having a 15-year-old move in was no different. In the middle of her high school years, with her own cell phone, and a past that made her much more adult [...]
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Adopt This Child.

We’re all very aware of those cute pet adoption ads: Sweet 2-year-old Spot was left next to the dumpster on a rainy night when his family decided they didn’t want him anymore. Spot likes to play at the dog park and chase his tail. He’s looking for a nice home with no cats, but is […]

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When Sibling Separation Is Best in Foster Care

My husband and I became licensed foster parents with the intention of keeping siblings together.  He comes from a big family, we were young and full of energy, had just bought a house and packed it with bunkbeds.  It seemed totally doable.  His mother raised 10 children, why couldn’t we foster seven?  We would soon […]

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The Foster Care Fairy Tale

When Emerald and Hope [1] moved in, they were swimming in an ocean of sharks and uncertainty. Removed from their mother and step-father; without appropriate family who could take them; in their second foster home in three months; and with no end in sight. The emotional toll was immense. Nightmares, anxiety, meltdowns, full blown rages, hospitalizations […]

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