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STLMB Perspectives: Why We Opted Out of Preschool

Preschool is a decision that can confound us as parents. Do you send your child to preschool or keep them home? Which preschool is right for your child? How many years of preschool should they have before kindergarten?  Reading Up on Motherhood During pregnancy, I read everything I could to prepare for the life change […]

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Happy New Year 2020

Resolve Your Goals and Dreams

I take a hard pass on New Year’s resolutions. Creating a wishlist of substantial changes to act upon when the calendar flips to January sets you up for disappointment. Resolutions notoriously fail, as anyone who has tried to go to the gym during the first weeks of January can attest. By mid-February, the enthusiasm has […]

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How Marriage Milestones are Built

I stumbled past a marriage milestone without even realizing it. I’ve been married longer than I was single. My husband proposed in college, toward the end of a 1,800 mile, four-year separation.  Despite the distance, I said “yes” without hesitation, because I knew I loved him, and my world felt complete when we were in […]

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Celebrate All Season and Beyond with Burgers’ Smokehouse

This post is sponsored by Burgers’ Smokehouse.  With the blustery winter weather that’s blowing through comes a stark reminder that the holidays are right around the corner.  Nothing says love during this time of year quite like spending time with those you care about, sharing holiday meals. Burgers’ Smokehouse has you covered, with everything from […]

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Deconstructing the Open Letter

As a perpetuating social trend, open letters flood the internet. There are open letters to pregnant moms. There are letters to new moms. There are letters to moms of toddlers, school-aged kids, and teens.  You’ll find ones to moms who send their kids off to college, and for moms who raised their kids and are […]

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