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Festive Holiday Cocktails (and Mocktails!)

The holiday season offers no shortage of reasons to celebrate, so check out some of my favorite festive drinks to enjoy with friends and family (or by yourself, no judgment here!) And because I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the festivities, I’ve included the ‘mocktail’ version for each, suitable for kids, preggos, or […]

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Choosing Kids Activities Wisely

“Wow – you guys sure are busy!”  As a mom of three, I’ve heard this phrase a lot already, and my kids are only 7, 5, and 2. We’ve tried to strike a good balance of getting our kids into different types of activities while maintaining a good amount of free time, but sometimes our […]

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A Mom of Three’s Fall Bucket List

It’s officially fall in St. Louis. Despite my love for tank tops and pool time, I am ready to embrace the transition into the new season. It makes the transition from summer to winter easier to swallow when you can enjoy all the quintessential “autumn” activities. And it’s icing on the cake when your kids […]

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Sometimes We All Need a Reset

Sometime deep into the second week of school, my second grader, kindergartener, and terrible two-er hit the proverbial wall. Their bodies were tired, their brains were fried, and dealing with them felt more like hostage negotiations than parenting. I was out of tricks, out of patience, and had resorted to yelling (we all know how […]

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National Parks Close to Home

When you think about the National Parks Service, I bet you are picturing the big ones: Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, etc. I’ve never been a “national parks” person until this summer, and I didn’t have to travel very far to become one! There are two national parks right on our doorstep and another one within […]

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