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Baby #2: Momming Through Anxiety In The Digital Age

7 months pregnant with Baby #2 I’m 8 months along and most of my Facebook friends probably still don’t know that I’m pregnant. A few of them may have found out a few weeks ago by receiving an invite to the what was supposed to be a low key friends and family ‘sprinkle’ but appears [...]
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Raising an Adventurous Eater

My 6-year-old son is a fearless, adventurous foodie who is willing to try just about anything. I like giving him opportunities to try new things and watching him embrace his personal preferences without applying restrictive limitations on his options. I didn’t realize how unusual this was until I spent time with kids that only eat […]

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My Approach to the Wishlist this Christmas

My son swears he loves his toys. But every week I find myself suggesting, begging, bribing or threatening him to actually use them. He mostly wants to do something involving screen time, which I’m told can be unhealthy for him in large doses. To break through, I usually remind him of his giant stockpile of […]

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My Little Picasso: Helping My Child Fall In Love with Art

There are a few, precious moments when one feels like, “Yes, I’m actually doing this parenting thing right! My efforts are paying off! My kid is listening, and learning and growing!” I’m a firm believer in celebrating those little wins. So now I’d like to tell you about my latest win in the ‘culture’ category. […]

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Great Grandpa Eddie (Papa Eddie's Dad) and GG Hallie (Papa Cecil's Mom) at Quinn's first Birthday

Grandparents: The Gifts that Keep on Giving

Of all the parenting decisions my husband and I have made, (intentional or passive, child-focused or convenience-focused), the decision to live near the majority of our child’s grandparents has been the most meaningful and impactful to him, to us and to his grands. We all benefit from quality time with one another and it’s tough […]

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Raising A Child Who is Both Woke and Free

I don’t remember becoming woke, but now that it’s a ‘thing’, I think about it often. I try to recall the exact moment that I learned that something as simple as the color of my skin might determine how I am treated and what is expected of me. Then I wonder when I made the […]

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