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virtual birthday party with a blank tablet screen on a table among balloons and presents

8 Things to Make a Virtual 1st Birthday Bash Memorable

Quarantine celebrations are a challenge, but these tips for throwing a virtual birthday bash will help make any occasion more festive.   If I’m being completely honest, first birthdays are more for the family than for the guest of honor. At least that’s what I told myself when it came time to cancel my party […]

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Raising an Adventurous Eater

My 6-year-old son is a fearless, adventurous foodie who is willing to try just about anything. I like giving him opportunities to try new things and watching him embrace his personal preferences without applying restrictive limitations on his options. I didn’t realize how unusual this was until I spent time with kids that only eat […]

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Great Grandpa Eddie (Papa Eddie's Dad) and GG Hallie (Papa Cecil's Mom) at Quinn's first Birthday

Grandparents: The Gifts that Keep on Giving

Of all the parenting decisions my husband and I have made, (intentional or passive, child-focused or convenience-focused), the decision to live near the majority of our child’s grandparents has been the most meaningful and impactful to him, to us and to his grands. We all benefit from quality time with one another and it’s tough […]

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