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Mom: Let’s Give Back this Holiday Season

During the holiday season, I know we all see the many options of charities, food drives, toy drives, clothing drives, etc. to donate to. I am always amazed at how many organizations there are and how many people these organizations serve. You have organizations such as Feeding America that have served over 40 million people […]

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Singing and Dancing: Bonding with Music

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved music. I loved listening to it, singing along with it and dancing to the beat. It always made me feel happy and more alive. I still feel the same way to this day. I jam out in the car, in the shower, the gym, and [...]
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Beat The Heat With Fun Popsicles!

One way to cool off this summer is to make some fun and tasty popsicles. I know my 16 month old loves a cold, tasty popsicle. She loves all the different flavors, shapes, and with her teething, makes her gums feel fantastic. Plus after playing outside in this heat, who doesn't enjoy something cool to [...]
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Finding The Right Caregiver For Your Child

When faced with the decision for childcare, it can be very daunting. Do you try to get family to watch your child, an in-home sitter or a daycare facility? Our decision was already made for us since we were fostering, our daughter had to go to a licensed facility. Being this was our first child, [...]
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Lewis, Party of 3: Happy Gotcha Day!

Happy Gotcha Day! March 6th for the Lewis clan was the most anxiety filled and the most amazing day for us. I never dreamed I would experience something so special and become a mother, let alone go through the process of fostering to adopting. But here we are now, Lewis, party of 3. So many [...]
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Miss Fussybutt: Toddler Regression is Real

Miss Fussybutt. That’s the nickname we have been using for the little angel that is our daughter. She has begun walking and babbling which we are over the moon for. But now all of a sudden, she is cranky, fussy, sassy, and throws the cutest, little tantrums. I mean the child isn’t even 20lbs yet [...]
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Co-Sleeping: Why It Works For Us

As a new parent, there are so many things that you learn about yourself when the baby finally arrives. Before we became parents, I always pictured that I would do things a certain way. One of those things is having the baby sleep in her bassinet/crib at the very start so that the baby could [...]
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New Year, Less Baggage: Dumping the Financial Burden

It’s the start of a new year, and along with it comes resolutions. I have the same as most people such as lose weight, be more organized, eat healthier, etc. One that I would love to start and make as a lifestyle change is less financial baggage. Easier said than done, I know. Especially since […]

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